IMG_2421My husband is CEO, president, Chief Creative Officer, VP of Strategy and Marketing, as well as accountant, tech support and janitorial services of PageWorks Graphic Design.  That is, he works insane hours (18 hours a day during election season, but also sometimes 0 hours a day in more fallow periods) as a freelancer.  He has zero employees, unless you count the pugs.  And yet, somehow, he has a complimentary subscription to Build, The Catalog of Ideas.  It’s from The Build Network (from the guys that brought you Inc.)  It’s aimed at the leaders of “mid-size companies.”   It comes in the mail and I scoop it up.  But try to get my own copy?  Ha!  Went online, filled out the form, and got a polite note telling me that I didn’t qualify for a mail subscription, but be sure to access Build online.   Not a problem, I can still read hubby’s copy.  If it’s not about shortcuts and color correction, he’s not interested.  All for me.

Here’s what I love about Build:

  • Topics are right on point (innovation, leadership, customer management, collaboration, team-building, marketing, strategy… more)
  • Tons of snippets.   I read the articles, then go back for the little lagniappes around the edges of each page.
  • Awesome editorial voice.  Not too academic, not too consultant-speaky, just right out there.

Here’s a link to the current issue – the cover article convinced me that if you feel it’s necessary to check your iPhone every evening and on the weekends, you’re never really “off duty.”   This article about innovation is also excellent.  Poke around, you’ll like it.  Back issues are archived online.  If you’re a marketer, check out this section.

One clever thing about the online access:  if you click the Links tab on the navigation bar, it gives you links to all the various sources cited throughout the issue.  Super-easy.

Want to subscribe?  You might make the cut.  Click here to join.



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